Merger with Richmond House


Commonwealth Autism and Richmond House are pleased to announce their merger effective July 1, 2016.  In an effort to better serve their respective missions, the two complementary organizations have determined that Richmond House, a provider of residential and community supports for adults with Asperger’s Syndrome and High Functioning Autism, will join the array of services offered by Commonwealth Autism. 

Community living options across Virginia are extremely limited, and therefore few choices exist. Harry Alferink, Richmond House Board Chair, is optimistic about the future. “With this merger, Richmond House is afforded the opportunity to both enhance and grow our original mission by joining a statewide organization like Commonwealth Autism that enjoys a stellar reputation”.  Richmond House founder Jane Smith added, “I’m pleased that the vision of our founders will have a chance to be fully realized."
Founded in 1995, Commonwealth Autism has worked to build the capacity of the autism service provider network through partnership with others and by developing and replicating model services including:
Public information & Resources Phone & web-based
Partnership for Capacity Development Strategic planning and support to grow the capacity of other service systems such as public and private schools and community service boards
Public Safety Training Training on autism for police officers and other first responsders and judicial personnel. 
The Learning Institute Professional development and continuing education
Transdisciplinary Diagnostic and Assessment Clinic Diagnostic services and clinic replication
The Founders Center Educational and behavioral services for children between the ages of 2-22
Richmond House Residential Community Support Services


Doug Garrou, Commonwealth Autism Board Chair, spoke about the merger stating, “This is very exciting - to see our model services now include a high quality residential service at Richmond House."  John Toscano, President and CEO of Commonwealth Autism agrees.  “A residential model that can be replicated statewide has been a part of our strategic plan and now we’ve taken an important step towards that goal."

Mission Statement

Commonwealth Autism's mission is to build the capacity of the autism service provider network through partnership and collaboration.

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