Operational Strategies

Problem Statement

The current autism service system in the Commonwealth of Virginia is still incomplete.

  • There still exists inadequate awareness, knowledge and funding for the true needs of the soon to be in excess of 90,000 Virginians with autism.
  • It is not prescriptive for the special needs of individuals affected by this disorder.
  • It lacks capacity (i.e., funding, trained service providers, implementation of evidence-based practice) necessary to serve this growing population across all stages of life.

We also know that approximately 147K people in Virginia have a documented diagnosis of autism or another developmental disability. 
Based on a formula calculated by the National Health Interview Survey on Disability and 2014 census data.

Here is the 2017 report from the Virginia Board for People With Disabilities on the state of the service systems (educational and employment) for people with disabilities. 

This challenge sets the stage for our strategic plan.