Commonwealth Autism Service will once again be participating in the Amazing Raise, which will be held September 17-18, 2014.  This year, the proceeds will support the Dominion School for Autism’s educational programs.

We know that you see the benefit of early and intensive ABA-based intervention for individuals across the spectrum. Through your financial support we can continue to offer children like Matthew an opportunity to succeed.


"Matthew’s mom Kate shares, “I believe in the Dominion School for Autism because they educate every child and truly believe in reaching everyone’s potential.”



Donations will be accepted from 6 am on September 17 through 6 pm on September 18 (EST). Visit https://www.theamazingraise.org/#npo/commonwealth-autism-service to donate.

In addition to your own financial support, you may have a friend or family member who is interested in donating to this worthy cause. Please share your passion with your friends, encouraging them to participate as well.








Commonwealth Autism Service is partially funded by the Virginia Legislature to carry out activities in four major goal areas--providing ongoing support to families and professionals, developing regional networks, providing technical assistance, and conducting conferences related to pervasive developmental disorders. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Council include representatives of state agencies, school professionals, medical professionals, parents of children with autism, persons with autism, attorneys, and other relevant stakeholders./sites/default/files/pledge_form_2014.pdf