Inclusion and Individuals with Disabilities

Commonwealth Autism is committed to full inclusion of people with disabilities in our activities and services.

We welcome people with disabilities and seek to integrate them into everything we do.

We do this by: 

  • Providing accessible parking at the front entrance to our office at 4108 E. Parham Road
  • Providing accessible restrooms
  • Service animals (dogs) are welcome in our facilities.
  • We can provide certain assistive or adapted materials or services with at least 72 hours’ notice:
  • We will access a relay service for phone conversations with people who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have speech disabilities.
  • We welcome volunteers with disabilities and ensure that they have meaningful work to do. The opportunity to serve is a benefit to them. Their talents are a benefit to us.
  • We offer separate programs for people with disabilities only if necessary.
  • We seek members of our board who will advocate for and are familiar with individuals with a variety of needs.
  • Our policies and procedures include considerations for people with disabilities in a variety of situations.
  • We ensure our staff have an awareness of environmental modifications and accommodations that may be needed by individuals in the community.

We welcome suggestions for improvement. Please contact us via our website or at 804-355-0300.