Child Care Training

Supporting Children with Developmental Disabilities in Child Care Programs is a comprehensive online training developed for child care providers, families & others interested in high, quality inclusive child care. This training was developed by Maryland Family Network through a grant from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council and is now available nationally.*

The training includes an overview of working with children with developmental disabilities and provides strategies on many ways child care providers can meet the unique needs of every child. The preview provides a sense of the information and format through screenshots but please note that when used, the training is much more dynamic and thorough.
Child care providers that successfully complete the e-learning will be able to:

1. Discriminate between what inclusion in child care requires and what it doesn’t require
2. Recognize the principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)
3. Identify characteristics of DAP
4. Identify a variety of modifications that will assist adults in helping children of all abilities be successful in child care

Ultimately, this will help improve the quality of child care programs and build their capacity to support children with disabilities alongside their typically developing peers.
The training is offered in English and Spanish. Each state will offer continuing education credits for child care providers who successfully complete the training.*

Additional resources have also been developed that supplement the training

While there is a cost to take the training, Maryland Family Network is offering one scholarship to each state DD Council to view the training in its entirety. Our hope is that it will be useful in your state. Feel free to pass it along to a Council member, a child care provider or anyone else you choose if you or your staff don’t wish to access it.

– Maryland Family Network’s website here
– Child Care Aware of America’s website here

On both sites, after putting in your zip code, you will be directed to your local child care resource and referral center to access the training.

In addition to this online training, the MD DD Council funded the development of short videos that highlight inclusive practices. These will also soon be widely available. As another resource to help child care providers support children with and without disabilities together, the videos will become part of a new state mandated training, ADA and Inclusive Practices, for child care providers that the Maryland DD Council advocated for and helped develop. 14,000 childcare providers will receive this training.