Medicaid Waiver

The Medicaid Waiver program is government-funded and provides financial support for services for individuals with disabilities. Financial eligibility for a Medicaid Waiver is based on the individual’s income and assets only, regardless of the age of the person with the disability. Other sources of income, such as those of the individual’s parents, are disregarded. Waivers are funded when a space or “slot” becomes available. A slot is an opening of waiver services available to a single individual. For both the MR/ID and the DD waivers, there are long waiting lists of persons who have already applied. It is important to put an individual on the waiting list even if no slots are currently available.

Intellectual Disability/Mental Retardation Waiver (ID/MR)
Eligibility: An individual must be age 6 or older and have a diagnosis of ID or be under age 6 and at developmental risk.

Services Provided:

  • Residential support
  • Day support
  • Supported employment
  • Personal assistance
  • Respite
  • Assistive technology
  • Skilled nursing services
  • Crisis stabilization
  • Therapeutic consultation and more

Individual & Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver (DD)
Eligibility: An individual age 6 and older who has a diagnosis of a developmental disability and does not have a diagnosis of intellectual disability.

Services Provided:

  • Case management
  • Day support
  • Companion services
  • In-home support
  • Personal care
  • Respite care
  • Supported employment
  • Attendant services
  • Family and caregiver training
  • Assistive technology and more

Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP)
The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) is designed to assist individuals on the waiting list for the intellectual disability (ID) or developmental disability (DD) Medicaid waivers to access short-term resources, supports, and services that will help them remain in their own community homes.

Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver (EDCD)
Eligibility: An individual who is elderly or persons of any age with disability. The individual must meet nursing facility criteria including both medical needs and functional capacity needs (assistance with activities of daily living).

Services Provided:

  • Personal care aide
  • Adult day health care
  • Respite care
  • Personal emergency response
  • Medication monitoring

For further information on the Medicaid Waivers please contact DBHDS at (804) 663-7290 or  visit their website.
To locate the Clinic closest to you and view the screening form, visit the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) website.

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