Adult Resources

For more information on Financial Aid or other financial resources for adults, check out this page on our website.

Autism Speaks Adult Services Resources
Adults living with autism often have difficulty finding information about programs and supports that would allow them to live as independently as possible. Autism Speaks Housing and Adult Services initiative will focus on resources that impact all facets of adult life including employment, housing, and post-secondary education.


Resources on Sexuality

Autism in Love
A feature length documentary exploring how adults with autism fall in love and manage romantic relationship. Told through personal narratives, the audience is faced with the challenges, triumphs, and the unique human experience of finding and navigating love.

Coping Cat Treatment Series 

An evidence based CBT curriculum that can be indivdiualized. It includes interventions for anxiety, anger, and other tools for managing emotions. These tools are not specific to autism OR sexuality, but that topic could be addressed if using the curriculum. 

Presentation on sexuality by Peter Gerhardt

"The Hidden Curriculum of Sex"  

Presentation from an ASA conference in 2007 with Dr. Peter Gerhardt and Kristi Sakai. The presentation costs $8 to download and is 2 hours in length. 

Information on teaching Good Touch-Bad Touch 


Crisis Text Line

A text based hotline for anyone in crisis. Text 741-741 24/7 regarding any type of crisis and a trained counselor will respond within 5 minutes. 

Faison Residence
The Faison Residence: Serving Persons Who Are Living Semi-Independently With Special Needs

Richmond House

A program of Commonwealth Autism. Located in Richmond, Virginia's West End, Richmond House provides residential supports and transitional coaching for adults ages 18-30 with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.