Pilot Projects and Initiatives

We are currently involved in a number of exciting initiatives and partnerships including:

The Richmond Toddler Assessment Clinic

The Richmond Toddler Assessment Clinic is a collaboration involving the Richmond Infant and Toddler Program, Richmond Behavioral Health Authority, Richmond Public Schools, the VCU Va-LEND program and Commonwealth Autism.  Staff from each of these agencies and programs have worked together to create an assessment clinic intended to provide high quality diagnostic evaluations for children between the ages of 12-30 months for whom a diagnosis of autism has been suspected.

The clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team including the disciplines of psychology, speech and language, occupational therapy, and early childhood development. The team was trained in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - Second Edition Module T (ADOS-2 Module T); with ongoing training, modeling, and mentoring, the team continues to serve children in the Richmond City municipality.

Commonwealth Autism continues to provide training for assessment teams to serve toddlers and school–age children through Autism Assessment Team Training.  

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Latino Clinic Pilot

Given the unique needs of underserved communities (i.e. Latino and African-American families) around autism assessment, Commonwealth Autism, VCU Va-LEND, and the Partnership for People with Disabilities joined to conduct a 6-month pilot program including members from each agency. The focus of this program included:

*  Case finding in the Richmond and Tri-cities
*  Sensitivity training for current assessment team members
*  Translation of current assessment materials in Spanish
*  The addition of Family Navigators to participate in the assessment process as needed from intake to the appointment date
*  Interpretation services for the day of the appointment
*  Translation of the comprehensive final report

Commonwealth Autism continues to partner with the Partnership for People with Disabilities to assist families who need interpretation, translation, and family navigation during throughout the assessment clinic process.

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